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Be Green. Be Great. Have Fun.

At UGE we are taking on the biggest challenge there is, protecting planet Earth. World energy consumption is rising and while we enjoy our beers cold, security systems alarmed, phones charged, and stereos blasting there is a demand for change. Our mission is to power the world with renewable energy.

Our approach to tackle this challenge is simple. Where some see a rooftop, a parking lot, an empty field, we see an opportunity. We work with property owners across the globe to harness the sun’s natural energy to make them money! We take care of projects from start to finish; our team of of solar experts are among the best and most experienced in the industry.

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Advance innovative energy solutions in ways that improve New York's economy and environment.

The ultimate goal of NY-Sun is the development of a sustainable, self-sufficient solar industry in the State. To get there, NY-Sun has incentive programs that support solar projects for commercial and industrial companies, homes, multifamily buildings, small commercial, not-for-profit and municipal buildings. The K-Solar program helps schools install solar. The Affordable Solar program provides low-to-moderate income residents with assistance to develop solar projects. The Shared Solar program helps renters, residents who can’t put solar on their roofs, and others benefit from solar. The Solarize program helps communities buy in groups for the most competitive pricing. The State also continues to educate trainers for communities and governments and reduce “balance-of-system costs.” That includes streamlining the inspection and permitting process and reducing upfront costs of installation and equipment parts other than solar panels.

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We Make it Easy to Reduce Your Impact

CleanChoice Energy is a Clean Energy Supplier

Our mission since day one has been to make clean energy accessible for everybody. With CleanChoice Energy you don’t need to install solar panels or even own your home, apartment, or business space to reduce your impact on the environment. You simply make the switch, and we make sure all the energy you use is replenished on the grid with 100% clean wind and solar power.

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